Welcome to Hope for Anger and Domestic Violence


You've probably been told you cannot change. We don't believe that. In fact we help people just like you every day. With one-on-one and small group sessions we'll help you get to the root of the problem and find solutions to move forward with your life. 

We offer HOPE for change. We offer HOPE for the future.

Call us at (661) 733-0095 as soon as you leave the Court to set-up an intake session. We'll work with you to help you improve your life and create healthy relationships. You can do this - we will help you.  




We offer Anger Management programs that last for 12-26 weeks (based upon the recommendations of the Court). This program is offered to those who know they have anger issues and are willing to learn and who want to change. We offer principles that help you control anger so you can live a positive and constructive life. 

There are two kinds of anger: good and bad. This course is designed to enable you to differentiate between the two. We offer principles and put you to work so you know how to use anger in a positive way and move toward success in every are of your life. 

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The Domestic Violence/Batterers Program lasts 52-weeks. Sessions are held once each week for two hours. This course is presented through the Probation Department and refers offenders to a certified batterers program. We discuss specific topics in group sessions, open discussions, and move you toward changing learned behavior. Personal counseling is also included

Our facilitators are certified through CAAMP, a program which is approved and credited by the court. The program is offered in substitute for serving time in jail. Graduates are better citizens and stronger family leaders as a result of the training.

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